banned production

cassette series so far


black leather jesus - bad conduct

gin robber - two pieces, two decades apart

duncan harrison & dylan nyouklis - the many great necked / jeer sabbath

amk - wiretap

frans de waard and howard stelzer - however


chop shop - grey area

gen ken & amk - smile

duncan harrison & dylan nyouklis - the many great necked / jeer sabbath

john hudak - listening to the wind

banetoriko - yuki-onna


sissy spacek - spear    

mitchell brown - maghemites 

richard francis - middles  

tanner garza / blackhumour - i say / you say

scott arford - music for a candlelight murder  

sissy spacek - basement   

fossils - brainville  

aaron dilloway - banned / bent 

randy greif - dirt crawl blues

michael muennich - abbitte  

mike payne - sub amusement park  

seattle phonographers union - spu   

jason zeh - a series of objects

jason crumer - gentrification suite

j frede - kelso dunes

andy ortmann - phantasmargoria

idea fire company - the playground 

jeff carey - 2 fields

devin sarno - one red tear

jay sullivan - maybe tomorrow

jeph jerman - rundle

amk - silverfish  

lee noyes - truth in opposition

steve roden - between yellow and white on one side. between blue and black on the other

le scrambled debutante / blood rhythms - fix-a-flat earth / the devil & mr. right playing drinking games for world peace 

kilt - into the red into the black  

pregnant spore - I am in love with my own sins  

illusion of safety - children of the fear of truth 

machinefabriek - forks 

k2 - the new blockaders - oozing ruin 

salakapakka sound system - abandoned factories scream at night  

g*park - corpse

styrofoam sanchez - fish can carry guns/we will litter the cliffs with your corpses eyes  cassette

pacific 231 - onanism 657 Hz

brume - fractisum

howard stelzer - always already

edward sol & alpha crucis - excessive weight

the haters - loud luggage booming baggage 

eric lunde - neither lot nor sums

hot desk / michael t bullock - ursonate

richard francis - talking machine

knurl - tetrothema 

the rita - vice baron 

diatribes/strøm - all the birds disappeared

andrew coltrane - f.t.w.

lasse marhaug - purple cane & sleazy tuk-tuk

michael northam - the will to dissolve revisited  

jason kahn - walcheturm

brutum fulmen - a systematic way to achieve astral projection  

lionel marchetti  & jean baptise favory - 1988  3x cassette    $12.00

lasse-marc riek - harsh environments

gregory whitehead - potato god scarecrow

crank sturgeon - unctuos peduncle 

dave phillips - kelelawar

hal hutchinson - factory metal sound

pbk - fenton road beast  

government alpha - gradual erosion  

john wiggins - hearing complex

a courtis - **_**_**"  

francisco lopez - paris hiss

stephan cornford - battery acid

thomas dimuzio - image is everything

mike shiflet - corrugated

pcrv - mobility 

damion romero - fade to useless

gen ken montgomery - termites 

sudden infant - tell the bees 

daniel menche - silver hell   

rudolf - besensitzen/zaunreiten

thomas bey william bailey - exigencies

violet pink - mai '68

gx jupitter-larsen - the internationale

k2 - choke your ego  

cheapmachines - hex 

amk/k2 - eight untitled collaborations

blackhumour - monologue   

frans de waard - arrel/juur

amk - rebus 

+dog+ - breezy 

stefan tcherepnin & christopher delaurenti - heavy analog electronics volume 1   

big city orchestra - stay left   

bob bellerue - steinway

vertonen - bloodshift  

devon sarno - three, twenty eight, twenty ten

if bwana - mannsized 

all cassettes are $5.00, 10 cassettes for $40.00, all 90 of them $275.00

postage in the united states is $3.00 for any size order. if you buy one cassette, it’s $3.00. if you buy all 85, it’s still $3.00.

all of you outside the u.s. make an order and i’ll invoice you the total with postage. please note, postage rates are outrageous. one cassette costs $9.50 to send. price are better for larger orders. if you order 10 cassettes the postage is $23.00.

Contact & paypal address = amk AT bannedproduction DOT com